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Language Disorder

What is Language Disorder?
An expressive language disorder is characterized by difficulties communicating  your  overall wants and needs.  An expressive language disorder can be identified by an overall limited expressive vocabulary, difficulty organizing a cohesive utterance, a limited knowledge of plurals, past tense, present progressive forms etc… A receptive language disorder is characterized by difficulties understanding language.  A receptive language disorder can be identified by difficulties following directions, and/or difficulty comprehending an auditory message, difficulty understanding different concepts  etc..

How are language disorder identified?
Expressive and receptive language disorders are identified through a series of  assessments which are administered by a Speech Language Pathologist.

How are receptive and expressive language disorders treated?

These disorders are always being remediated if an individual is in a language rich environment.  However, a Speech Language Pathologist will work specifically with an individual that presents with  a language disorder.

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